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Strategy and Planning

A bushel of elegance, a 100 ml of chutzpah, 5 tablespoons of mysteriousness and a pinch of fun = the perfect brand marketing strategy. Every brand will require a different recipe. We understand that. The question is - How do you know which recipe suits your brand best? The answer is simple.... investigate! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Like this popular saying goes, creating a market for your product requires a lot of strategic planning. Just making the product and advertising isn’t enough. You need to understand what the customer is looking for, what s/he needs, what makes them tick. And that needs to reflect in the marketing approach you use.

Social Media Marketing

Ishtehaar! Wazzat? If Generation X was all about the advent of technology, the current Generation is all about creating a presence on social medias. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp – this is where you will find the current generation. IF parents have to resort to whatsapp to call them for dinner, where young couples are using Snapchat to create their love stories, it is, but logical, that the social media is where the next marketing revolution lies. You want to reach the masses with your product? Don’t leave any stone unturned. Tweet to let your customers know about your product, create a Snapchat story, Instagram your images and get happening on Facebook. After all, we’ve come a long way from the ‘ishtehaars’.

Research and Execution Strategy

Even God first made a prototype and then made Eve. He needed to do his research well first. Edison too found 999 ways that did not work to make a light bulb, before unke dimaag ki batti jali. It’s the same with managing a brand and marketing it. You need to put in a lot of research regarding what works and what doesn’t. It’s a time-consuming, back-breaking task but totally worth it in the end. Good research = good strategies = good ideas = good implementation = great brand marketing.

Influencer Campaigning

Why do movie stars and sportspersons join politics? To have an influence on the masses, of course. Influential people create an effect. Don’t believe us? The US Army had Elvis. Whom did Hitler have? Who won the war? Point made. It helps your brand to have a face people recognise. It adds that human touch to an inanimate product, lending it a character, a story and helping the user to relate to it. Whether you chose to use somebody next door or the latest rising star, having an influencer campaign helps.

Digital Marketing

You use smart phones, GPS technology while driving, watch HD channels on the television; then why not incorporate the latest technology available into your marketing campaign? With digital marketing, you not only have a platform for your product on the internet but also on other digital platforms like mobile phone apps, display advertising and other digital mediums. Think about it. Go Digital!

Content Marketing

The content is more important than the looks. Even beauty is only skin deep. Just like your product is more than just the packaging, similarly marketing it is more than just beautiful images, fancy lettering and popular faces. The masses need to know what your product is all about. A picture may speak a thousand words but not everyone may interpret it the same way, so a description alongside always helps. In the same way, you need to look at all aspects of content marketing when advertising your product. Choosing the right image and the right words is crucial to the successful marketing of any words and that takes understanding and time to plan. A fool shoots off his mouth but the wise choose their words with care. It’s the same with products.

Search Engine Marketing

I searched and searched, but could not see; Your name listed on Google’s search list history! Is this your worst nightmare come true? In this day of virtual living, if you don’t have a virtual presence, you might as well not exist. What’s the first thing you do if you get a match on Tinder? Google the person to see whether s/he the genuine thing or not, right? It’s the same with your brand. If you don’t show up in the top search listings, you might as well not exist. Who’s going to scroll all the way to page 10 to see your brand listed there? You know you wouldn’t. Make your brand name more visible in the search results, making it more popular.


Do you know what India’s winning political party and Trump had in common? A great campaign plan in place that helped them to win. And what is campaigning all about? Promoting your brand, selling it, making sure your target audience doesn’t forget it. What comes to mind when you think about the Movie Sholay? That’s the kind of effect a good campaign will have on people’s minds. It will leave a lasting impression, provided it is done right. So choose your vehicle, write your slogan and get campaigning.

Brand Marketing

We use our intellect and creativity to create a brand presence, not hot irons! A brand is more than eye-catching colours. A snazzy tagline? Nope..much more than that. How about if we add a difficult-to-forget, hearer-sings-it-all-the-time jingle? It helps but there is more to it. A brand reflects more than the identity. It reveals the commitment and values you uphold. It shows the customer what you stand for. It’s your calling card. It’s making an impression at the first meeting. It’s making the customer fall in love with you at first sight.